How To Use The Agora Marketplace URL

Most of us give a considerable time of ours to the Internet. The first and foremost application we require to use Internet is a browser; a web browser to be more perfect. Some people use the Internet to search for fun, while others might use it to visit the Agora Marketplace URL.

The word ‘Agora’ originates from old Greece. To them, Agora used to refer to a famous city. Even more, the word ‘agora’ means a gathering place. Today, the name is usually used to refer to the Agora Marketplace URL that simply leads to an illegal website.

Actually, Agora is a black market that’s interesting for some people. Information about the Agora Marketplace URL is somewhat limited. This is not a surprise, as the idea behind the Agora Marketplace URL is to facilitate anonymous trade. The Agora Marketplace is mainly used in dealing and trading illegal drugs.

The launch of the website seems to have occurred towards the end of 2013. A word of caution: do not try to access this website via your personal computer without proper safety measures. Actually, in order to access this website you’ll need to use Tor browser.


Tor actually stands for ‘The Onion Router’. It is a free browser that can be used to hide your online identity. Tor itself cannot guarantee your security and privacy, if you are not concerned enough. It is very similar to carrying an umbrella. If you do not use it correctly, there is no protection from the rain and snow.

Anyone concerned about their online privacy, safety and identity should never trust the people at the back of the Internet. The Onion Router network is well-known for providing online anonymity, and that’s the first and foremost reason why one should use it.

To access the Agora Market paste this address into your Tor Browser http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion.


As Windows is not the best choice of platform to use Tor, it is best to use a Linux distro. Linux is a free, yet very secure operating system. Secondly, do update your system very often. Tor client is simply as safe and secure as your operating system is. That said, you have to regularly update Tor client and your operating system.

Avoid installing browser plug-ins. Plug-ins and extensions can sometimes put you at risk. For instance, it was discovered earlier this year that some Chrome extensions can change service or ownership without any notification to users.

Always make sure JavaScript, Flash and Java are disabled. Tor cannot protect your data with active content such as Flash or ActiveX controls because these applications run with your privileges and may access and share your data.

Finally, do not use Google to search the Internet. Google is known for collecting information on users’ browsing experience. You should definitely consider using alternatives like DuckDuckGo and Startpage.

There are some limitations to using Tor. For example, the most often drawback to using Tor browser is performance-related. As online traffic is being slowly routed through at least three or four different relays, it usually tends to get held up along the way.

So, what’s the verdict? Before you decide to visit Agora Marketplace URL, think hard about what you are doing online and why you actually want to remain anonymous. If you want to really be almost completely safe and anonymous, use Tor.

To learn more about the Agora Marketplace URL, visit here:


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