What Is The Agora Marketplace URL?

Agora is an anonymous online black market known for selling several illegal goods including drugs. The name Agora was derived from an ancient Greek city which means ‘a gathering place’. The information about this website is surrounded by mystery and not everyone was successful in accessing it. It was set up to facilitate anonymous trade - mainly secret trading and dealing in illegal drugs. The goods bought on Agora are delivered through private courier so that they could not be detected easily. A while ago, this service was closed temporarily, but resumed quickly. The following sections provide further details on it.

How to Access Agora?

You cannot simply access the Agora marketplace URL from your web browser. The website can be accessed only through the Tor network which keeps your identity safe on the Internet. While accessing Agora, most users also use a VPN software application in their computers so that their transactions are totally encrypted. To complete the registration process for becoming a member of Agora, you should be referred by any existing member of the website.

Why is the Agora Marketplace URL Not Working?

Recently, the Agora marketplace URL shut down as it was believed to have been affected by the Heartbleed bug, a computer virus that attacked the Tor network due to its vulnerabilities in the Open SSL software library (that is associated with cryptography). This bug is known for stealing valuable information like user names, passwords and digital currency from servers without getting traced. However, the administrators of Agora responded quickly and were able to prevent major data theft. The previous users could no longer access the service at agorabasakxmewww.onion as the website was moved to a new Agora marketplace URL which is “http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion”. Eventually, it was found that the flaw is completely due to the Tor network and has little to do with the Agora marketplace. In fact, all the code of the website is thoroughly tested to make it free from bugs so that hackers cannot exploit it.

Some Useful Tips to Follow While Buying on Agora:

  1. Deposit your Bitcoins in Agora only while making a purchase. Hacking attacks and sudden closures are not uncommon with anonymous marketplaces; we came across such instances a few months ago in the case of Sheep and Silk Road.

  2. Never buy from vendors on Agora who does have negative or no feedback.

  3. When buying legal drugs on Agora, test them for authenticity using a drug test kit instead of directly using them.

  4. While doing business on Agora, you may need a lot of Bitcoins. As digital currency is not yet fully legitimate, you need to buy them from a reliable source. It is safe to avoid purchasing them from anonymous vendors online. Purchase them from safe sources like bitcoin.de and avoid sellers like MtGox that was hacked and $400 million worth of Bitcoins were stolen from it in February, 2014.

  5. Buy from vendors located in your country. Many goods bought on this website may not get through border clearance or customs, and if the items you bought are illegal in your country, you may also get in trouble. The re-opening of Agora is good news for many clients worldwide who actively do business on the marketplace. All its services are running perfectly just like they did previously.

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